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  • Michael Rembis
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Joyce Tamori
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jim Diegel
    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Gary Kienbaum
    Chief Nurse Executive
  • Kerry Pitcher
    Senior Director of LTC&CAH Hospital Administration
  • Tara Cole
    Human Resource Director
  • Tracy Dallarda
    Communications Director
  • Amber Barto
    Compliance and Privacy Officer
  • Sheri Yamaguchi
    Executive Assistant to CEO
  • Melinda Sweany
    Chief Development Officer

Board of directors

  • Mary Hew
  • Kathy Lancaster
  • Kim Horn
  • Steve Miller, MD
  • Bryan Smith, MD
  • Clay Sutherland
  • Tony Takitani
  • John Yamamoto

Medical Executive Committee

  • Constantin Novoselsky, MD
    Chief of Staff
  • Vic Ayers, MD
    Vice Chief of Staff
  • Vijak Ayasononda, MD
  • Michael J. Shea, MD
    Immediate-Past Chief of Staff
  • Aaron Altura, MD
  • Cordia Wan, MD
  • Michael J. Shea, MD
    Chief Medical Director