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Daisy Award Honoree Bianca Johnson

Congratulations Bianca, Staff Nurse, on being this quarter's DAISY Award winner at Maui Health! The selection committee and senior leaders surprised Bianca with the prestigious award during a special presentation ceremony last week.⁠

The DAISY Award is an international award that honors extraordinary nurses and the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day. There are about 4,900 hospitals internationally that participate in the program and we are so excited to provide this important recognition for our amazing nurses.⁠

Director of Nursing Marian Horikawa-Barth shared that the committee received a number of nominations that are blinded and the committee read and scored each story. Read Bianca's story below:

"My hospital stay started out like every other one in the past. I went into the emergency room with pain and weakness likely caused by either my neurological disease or connective tissue disease, both of an autoimmune origin. These visits usually ended quickly with “we’ve determined that your life is not in danger. Here are your discharges- follow up with your primary.” This visit would prove to be different though. I was assigned to the new Molokai South wing where I had the best nurse I could ask for. Not only was Bianca caring and compassionate, she went above and beyond as my diligent hospitalist, Dr. Giammanco, did everything in his power to help me. My husband, “the jokester,” was there every day, all day, and along with my frequent “nurse calls,” she had him to deal with as well, and always had a caring smile on her face! She answered every question we had about my care and medications, and when she didn’t know the answer, went and found it. She had other patients on the floor that she paid just as much attention to, so she was always on the go. I know she was exhausted by the end of her shift but she never showed it. One evening when my stress from this illness got the better of me, I broke down and bawled my eyes out and Bianca was on the receiving end. She did what I wish more people would do- she listened. Bianca is absolutely PERFECT for this award. Having said this, I feel like I should add that the other nurses and aides were amazing as well! I wish I could give them all some type of reward, but this one is definitely fit for Bianca! Again, thank you Bianca for your empathy, kindness, and dedication. When I am discharged today I will miss her the most, and truly hope my nurses are even half as great as her!"

Mahalo Bianca for caring for our patients in the way that you do! To learn more about the DAISY Foundation and Award and nominate an extraordinary Nurse by sharing your story about a remarkable Nursing act of compassionate care, skill, and expertise you witnessed this past year, visit

Daisy Award Honree Bianca Johnson