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Daisy Award Honoree Cherry Cabreros

Congratulations Cherry Cabreros, Staff Nurse, on being our 2023 first quarter DAISY Award winner at Maui Health! The selection committee and senior leaders surprised Cherry with the prestigious award during a special presentation ceremony in April.⁠

The DAISY Award is an international award that honors extraordinary nurses and the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day. There are about 4,900 hospitals internationally that participate in the program and we are so excited to provide this important recognition for our amazing nurses.⁠

Director of Nursing Marian Horikawa-Barth shared that the committee received a number of nominations that are blinded and the committee read and scored each story. Read Cherry’s story below:

"I was recently a patient of Maui Memorial. Cherry was the nurse assigned to me on numerous shifts. I was admitted with chest pains, arrhythmia of the heart, erratic blood pressure and eventually diagnosed with pericardial effusion. I also arrived with abdominal feeding tube with nothing to be take orally. I was a patient for six days and five nights. While all the care I received was top shelf, from Doctors, nurses and specialists, Cherry stood out from everyone on the nursing staff. She was constantly one step ahead on my feeding needs. I do self-feed myself, but there are small things which are needed to make the process go smoothly. Without fail, she was on top of those needs. She continuously provided me with hot compresses for some cellulitis that developed at one of my IV needle sites. Anytime some abnormality showed up on the heart monitor I was wearing she appeared and wanted to know what I was feeling and if she was tied up with another patient, a co-worker would check and let me know she would be by shortly. When I was ready to be discharged she got me through the process seamlessly and without a hitch. I never saw her without a smile on her face or without a kind word. And I could continue on and on, but I'm not."

Mahalo Cherry for caring for our community in the way that you do!

To learn more about the DAISY Foundation and Award and to nominate an extraordinary Nurse by sharing your story about a remarkable Nursing act of compassionate care, visit