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Daisy Award Honoree Julie Kim

DAISY Award Honoree, Julie KimCongratulations Julie, Staff Nurse, on being this quarter's DAISY Award winner at Maui Health! The selection committee and senior leaders surprised Julie with the prestigious award during a special presentation ceremony in October.⁠

The DAISY Award is an international award that honors extraordinary nurses and the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day. There are about 4,900 hospitals internationally that participate in the program and we are so excited to provide this important recognition for our amazing nurses.⁠

Director of Nursing Marian Horikawa-Barth shared that the committee received a number of nominations that are blinded and the committee read and scored each story. Read Julie’s story below:

"Julie provided outstanding care for me while I was a patient. She was consistently checking on me and aiding me in any medical care needs I had and followed up with me on my tests and medicines. I had medical issues which she routinely came and checked and sent specimens to lab. I watched as she did her job and she was always working and helping patients, consistently taking care of everyone and following up with her nursing crew. There was always a quick response to anyone's needs and even though my roommate was not so nice she was never cross or rude. As I was on vacation and needed assistance in getting information for the airlines as my return had to be delayed she was the one who stepped in and helped so my family was able to get the flights rearranged. The airline was not very helpful and was refusing to accept what the hospital gave them. She went out of the way to make sure we got the right information from the doctor to take to the airlines. I have never experienced such a well run staff and Julie was definitely at the lead. I can say she always did her job professionally and with a smile. There was direction given and followed for sure. I always felt she cared about how I felt and made sure I knew what was going on. I never felt like I was a bother but rather comfortable and reassured."

Mahalo Julie for caring for our patients in the way that you do! To learn more about the DAISY Foundation and Award and nominate an extraordinary Nurse by sharing your story about a remarkable Nursing act of compassionate care, skill, and expertise you witnessed this past year, visit