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Daisy Award Honoree Napua Aloy

Congratulations Napua Aloy, OB RN on being the our 2022 first quarter DAISY Award winner at Maui Health! The selection committee surprised Napua in April with the award and a special presentation ceremony.⁠

The DAISY Award is an international award that honors extraordinary nurses and the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day. There are about 4,900 hospitals internationally that participate in the program and we are so excited to provide this important recognition for our amazing nurses.⁠

Director of Nursing Marian Horikawa-Barth shared that the committee received a number of nominations that are blinded and the committee read and scored each story. Read Napua's nomination below:

Napua Aloy is the embodiment of exceptional nursing. She is dependable, organized, caring, and above all else, humble. She always works hard for her community and her patients because she truly believes that nursing is her calling. Napua is always at the lead when responding to an emergent situation and is always the last to leave. Late last year, Napua received a call from ED asking for urgent assistance. Napua was assigned charge RN that day and rallied a few additional OB RNs to follow her as she ran down to the ED. Upon arrival, she discovered a mom presenting to the emergency room with a crowning breech delivery. In the best of conditions and even with an OB attending, an undiagnosed breech delivery poses its own challenges and risks. Napua did not miss a beat. She immediately supported the ED physician at the bedside in techniques for delivering a breech baby and coached the mother in labor. Once the nuchal cord was reduced, Napua clamped and cut the umbilical cord, warmed the newborn in blankets, and carried the newborn to the warmer to the awaiting nursery team. While at the warmer assisting in newborn stabilization, Napua noted the delivering ED Physician at the newborn warmer, she acknowledged this physician and said, “The baby is good doctor, you did a great job.” Once Napua confirmed that the newborn was stable she arranged transport of the newborn to the Nursery and assisted the ED physician with delivery of the placenta, started the patient IV, and completed the patient recovery before transferring her to Labor and Delivery. Yes, if interviewed about this event, Napua will tell you that she did not do anything special and that she responded to an urgent situation as she normally would; but nurses that witnessed the event will testify that she was a beacon a light in a stressful situation and that she supported the entire team in this potentially emergent case.

Mahalo Napua for caring for our community in the way that you do! To learn more about the DAISY Foundation and Award and nominate an extraordinary Nurse by sharing your story about a remarkable Nursing act of compassionate care, skill, and expertise you witnessed this past year, visit