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Stay accountable for your health goals with this cardiologist-approved tip!

You're not alone if you need help with achieving your health goals.

When it comes to heart health and health in general, most of us know what we need to do – don't smoke, watch our weight, control our blood sugar, etc. The real question is, how do I get myself to do it?

Try the following exercise to create commitment and accountability!

  • First, get a pen and two pieces of paper.
  • On the first piece of paper, write the names of five people you respect– a parent, sibling, partner, or coworker, for example.
  • Next, write two heart health goals for February. It does not need to be earth-shattering, like losing 30 pounds or quitting smoking. It can and should be small steps, like:
    • I will not eat fast food for the entire month
    • I will get my cholesterol and Hba1c checked
    • I will not eat ice cream
    • I will lose 2lbs
    • I will make home lunch instead of eating out

Now pay attention because this next step is the most critical step.

  • On the second piece of paper, in your own handwriting- not typing, not texting- you write out a letter.
  • "Dear" then leave a blank spot for a name. I commit to you that for February 2023, I will ... [list your two goals].
  • Make copies, fill in names, and then mail or deliver these letters.

It may help to work with your doctor to develop these goals based on your own health needs and priorities.

This activity will help you stay committed, and your loved ones can hold you accountable to your own handwritten words.

Whatever you do, don't get discouraged. Building habits take time.

And if it helps you stay accountable, you can share your health goals with us on our Instagram or Facebook page!

Kimble Poon, MD


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