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Bob and Kay Lloyd

Bob and Kay and Lloyd believe in giving back to the community.

They were inspired to support Maui Memorial when it transitioned to a public-private partnership managed by Maui Health System in 2017. After years of reading about the hospital's challenges, they were thrilled to see Maui Memorial on a new path of stability and growth.

"We saw how Maui Memorial was going to work both for the state and for the local community," Bob says, "and we felt that our support and the support of others might make it even more successful."

With the many charitable organizations on Maui asking for support, the decision to give to Maui Memorial Medical Center was easy for the Lloyds. "There's only one hospital," says Bob. "We really feel that by supporting the hospital, our money is helping everyone on the island, local residents, part time residents, and visitors."

While her family contributes financially, Kay is also grateful for the many volunteers who give their time to support Maui Memorial. "You can give your dollars, and you can also give your time," she says. "There are a lot of people spending a lot of hours to make this a better, safer, and healthier place for those of us who live here."