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Hometown Hero - Emergency Department Night Shift

Hometown Hero Week 21 Winner - Emergency Department Night Shift

Congratulations to our Hometown Hero week 21 winners, our very own Maui Health Emergency Department Nightshift Team!

“The night shift ED personnel are the epitome of hometown heroes. Many are born and raised on Maui and have dedicated themselves as healthcare workers. Their dedication often exceeds the limits of normal human endurance working 12 hour shifts nightly while their families and the community sleeps. With humility they identify as a team and not as individuals; thereby, providing the very best care and aloha.”

Thank you for the dedication of the entire Emergency Department team. You have shown true commitment to our Maui Health ‘ohana, and to our community as well. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed and you all truly deserve the recognition for your efforts. You are real-life heroes on the frontlines, every day AND NIGHT, and for that, we are grateful for all of you!

Click here to listen to their interview on Kiss 99.9 FM - The Morning Kiss.


If you would like to honor someone who has demonstrated outstanding service, giving, compassion or other service to the community, submit your nomination at

A partnership with Maui Health and Pacific Media Group, a Hometown Hero is chosen and recognized each week on 99.9 KISS FM - The Morning Kiss, and online. Each winner also receives $50 worth of gift cards!