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Hometown Hero - Dr. Jennifer Fitzpatrick, DVM

Hometown Hero Week 22 Winner - Dr. Jennifer Fitzpatrick, DVM

Congratulations to our Hometown Hero week 22 winner, Dr. Jennifer Fitzpatrick! Dr. Fitzpatrick is a Veterinarian at the Maui Humane Society. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more injured and sick animals being surrendered to the shelter because owners are experiencing financial hardship. Dr. Fitzpatrick has worked tirelessly to save the lives of animals suffering from traumatic injury and accidents, even reuniting some pets with overjoyed owners. Most recently, the Veterinary Department was down due to a COVID-19 infection. While in quarantine, staff would drop sick and young animals off at her house for special care and treatment. We salute Dr. Fitzpatrick’s efforts to saves lives and help our community.

Thank you Dr. Fitzpatrick for the dedication you have shown to our community. Through your selfless acts of kindness we are reminded of the importance of compassion for others and that true aloha spirit lives on in Maui County, even through the toughest times. You are a real life hero and we are forever grateful.


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