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Hometown Hero - Pastor Greg Delacruz

Hometown Hero Week 25 Winner - Pastor Greg Delacruz

Congratulations to our Hometown Hero week 25 winner, Pastor Greg Delacruz! Pastor Greg has been a beacon in the community through the pandemic. He offers many services within his church to feed people spiritually and literally by offering free groceries and hot cooked meals. He also leads, Kamalama, a Hawaiian language and culture class to further enrich peoples lives. Many people around Maui share stories and fond memories of how his ministry has positively impacted their life.

Thank you Pastor Greg for the dedication you have shown to our community. Through your selfless acts of generosity and kindness we are reminded of the importance of compassion for others and that true aloha spirit lives on in Maui County, even through the toughest times. You are a real life hero and we are forever grateful.


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A partnership with Maui Health and Pacific Media Group, a Hometown Hero is chosen and recognized each week on 99.9 KISS FM - The Morning Kiss, and online. Each winner also receives $50 worth of gift cards!