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Hometown Hero - Scott Smith

Hometown Hero Week 3 Winner - Scott smith

Congratulations to our week 3 Hometown Hero winner, Scott Smith! Scott was nominated for his work and dedication in caring for our community on the front line of the pandemic, often times going above and beyond to provide the best care to his patients.

So many comments poured in from the community, here's just a handful of what they had to say about Scott:

"I feel this person does his work as a PA front line worker in the emergency room with an above and beyond performance during these difficult times. They make those difficult choices everyday to support their oath and support their community. He definitely exhibits all the qualities needed to be a hero during these turbulent times."

"Scott Smith has a sincere and intentional kindness in his profession. He has proven his medical reputation for many years on our Maui island with respect to medicine and effective communication while always listening empathetically which makes him the best all around. His bedside manner is as highly rated as his knowledge of doctrine."

"Scott has been on the front line from the beginning of the COVID outbreak. He has not let it get him down or interfere with his everyday practice. He has been there for us for the past four years. Always smiling always reassuring always solving the problem or need. He is our hero. Someone who instills confidence and humor so that you feel like his favorite patient and everything is going to be ok!"

"Scott Smith was our primary PAC until he changed jobs and moved to another provider. Recently my wife became infected with staphylococcus on her leg. We sought help locally but she did not respond appropriately to that care. We contacted Scott and using internet photos of the lesion he prescribed the necessary antibiotics that brought the infection under control and prevented septicemia. He has continued to monitor the situation for us. It is difficult getting in to see providers during the pandemic. He is Champion."

"We love and appreciate Scott. He’s lighthearted, funny and at the same time no nonsense! He is by far the most genuine and generous person. He would give the shirt off his back if you needed it and wouldn’t think twice. Always willing to share his time a knowledge with expectations of getting anything in return."

"Scott is a great (PA), husband, family man and he also respects the island and the people of the island. He understands the aloha spirit and he shows that from his office to surfing our best breaks. He makes everyone feel relaxed while providing the best care a patient can experience."

Thank you Scott for the dedication you have shown to our community. Through your generosity and selfless acts of caring for your patients, we are reminded of the importance of compassion for others and that true aloha spirit lives on in Maui County, even through the toughest times. You are a real life hero!

Click here to listen to Scott Smith's interview on KISS 99.9 FM - The Morning Kiss.


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