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Hometown Hero - Maui Health EVS Department

Hometown Hero Week 7 Winner - Maui Health Housekeeping and Laundry (EVS) Department

Congratulations to our Hometown Hero week 7 winner, our very own Maui Health Housekeeping and Laundry (EVS) Department! They were nominated for their tireless work day in and day out, turning over each and every bed, cleaning, sanitizing, and keeping our hospital going to serve the community. Each and every member of the EVS team has played a key role in keeping our staff and patients safe, spending countless hours wiping and disinfecting patient care and common areas throughout our facilities. While the need for cleanliness is at an all-time high, the EVS team has really stepped up to face this challenge head on.

Thank you for the dedication you have shown to not only our Maui Health ‘ohana, but to our community as well. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed and you all truly deserve the recognition for your efforts. You are all real life heroes on the frontlines of this pandemic and we are so grateful for all that you do!

Watch the slideshow and listen to their interview on Kiss 99.9 FM - The Morning Kiss below!


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A partnership with Maui Health and Pacific Media Group, a Hometown Hero will be chosen and recognized each week on 99.9 KISS FM - The Morning Kiss and online. Each winner will also receive $50 worth of gift cards!