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Hometown Hero - Cecelia Suzuki

Hometown Hero Week 8 Winner - Cecelia Suzuki

Congratulations to our Hometown Hero week 8 winner, Cecelia Suzuki! Cecelia leads the Leisure Department at Kaunoa Senior Center for the County of Maui and has served the community for over 30 years. During this pandemic, they have completely restructured their program to protect our most vulnerable, our kupuna. Cecelia has worked around the clock to ensure the safety of her staff and the community they serve. She made sure employees were cross trained to assist with Meals on Wheels, ensuring her team would have employment and that they would be able to meet the growing need for food delivery to homebound seniors. She was there with her employees out in the field, learning how to do deliveries and even doing deliveries herself. Cecelia and her team have also developed online classes for seniors which offer hope, keeps them healthy in mind and body, and makes it possible for achieve their mission and values as an organization. There is no job that she will not do. Her work ethic and determination to keep the program running, especially during these difficult times have inspired others to be the best they can be.

Thank you Cecelia (and the whole team at Kaunoa Senior Center) for the dedication you have shown to our community, especially our kupuna and working tirelessly to create those special and exceptional experiences and opportunities which will make the retirement years feel like the best years for our seniors. Your drive and determination reminds us of the importance of compassion for others and that true aloha spirit lives on in Maui County, even through the toughest times. You are a real life hero and we are forever grateful.


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