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Kula Nurse Aide Training Program Graduates

On November 11, after a six-week training course at Kula Hospital, Nurse Aide Training Program students Jacquelyn Torres and Christy Flotildes passed the Hawaii State Certification Exam to officially earn their title as Certified Nurse Aides (CNA).

Jacquelyn and Christy are two of the most recent graduates of this program, an incredible paid training opportunity for anyone looking to start a career in healthcare. Classes are only a few times a week, for six weeks, making earning a CNA achievable for almost anyone, even someone with a full-time job or with other obligations. No degree or experience is required, classes include hands-on training hours, and students are paid for the duration of the program and offered a full time job at Kula Hospital upon passing the certification exam.

"Changing careers at any point in life is never an easy thing to do, but I'm glad I decided to step out in faith to become a caregiver," said Jacquelyn, who hopes to be the best caregiver she can be to residents and her family.

"This has been very motivating and has even gotten me thinking about continuing my education and maybe even preparing to try to apply to med school. I am so glad and grateful for this wonderful opportunity," said Christy.

Kula Hospital is offering another opportunity to earn while you learn with their next Nurse Aide Training Program class set to begin in February 2023. For anyone interested in starting a new career in health care and learning more about this career opportunity, visit