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Maui Health’s Bariatric Surgery Helps People Lose Weight For Good

Contrary to popular belief, obesity is not a personal flaw or weakness. According to Maui Health bariatric director Dr. Arthur Chasen, obesity is an illness and should be treated as such.

As a result, those who are struggling should reach out for help and support so they can achieve their target weight.

Dr. Chasen says that undergoing weight loss surgery may be viewed as “cheating,” but this is not true either. Weight loss surgery is a perfectly valid form of weight loss.

Maui Health’s bariatric surgery aims to bring patients to their target weight while also teaching them how to maintain a healthy diet and exercise and supporting their mental health. Its comprehensive approach to weight loss allows patients to stay fit physically and psychologically, even years after their surgery. Maui Health’s bariatric program includes lifelong support, including support groups, guidance from the surgeon and his team and an app.

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