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Our Guardian Angels

Healthcare workers have often been referred to as soldiers on the frontline. Never in our lifetime has the term been more apt than when COVID-19 became a global pandemic.

As most Maui residents sheltered at home with their loved ones, the staff of Maui Health showed up to work every day and in every way. They continue to work long hours and under stressful conditions, sacrificing time with their own loved ones to care for the sick. They are diligent and careful to ensure the health and safety of their patients, their fellow workers, their family and their community.

Maui Health Foundation has a Guardian Angel program that allows patients to recognize individual staff members at Maui Memorial Medical Center, Kula Hospital, and Lana‘i Community Hospital for their expertise or compassion, a thoughtful gesture, their ability to meet a need before a patient even asked— anything that touched the patient’s heart and made their stay better. Each year, our Foundation holds an annual gathering to celebrate these individuals.

But this year, it is abundantly clear that all of our staff—doctors, nurses, therapists, clinicians, housekeepers, cooks and more—have gone above and beyond to serve our community in this time of crisis.

And so this year, and every day, we honor all of our caregivers as our Guardian Angels, and thank them for their service, sacrifices, compassion, and grace under pressure.

Please join us in thanking our Maui Health heroes for the selfless care they’ve offered to keep our Maui community safe and well.

There are several ways our community can honor a Maui Health employee including making a donation to the Maui Health Foundation but sometimes the simplest gesture can mean the most. Here are a few easy ways you can say thanks:

Share a positive patient story,

Submit your own positive patient experience, or,

Leave a message of thanks on our Guardian Angel Gratitude Wall so we can share it!