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Patient Stories: Mahalo Molokai South

Thank you letter, addressed to:
Wonderful Staff at Maui Memorial Medical Center
Third Floor Molokai South Med/Surg

January 2020

To the staff at Molokai South 3rd Floor,

On January 10th I had a total left hip replacement. Really, honestly from checking in at 9:00 am Friday to checking out around 1:00 pm on Monday, that whole experience was so informative and well planned. The directions and instructions for pre-op were right on. The personnel made me feel at ease at all times. Whether we were talking about football or our everyday lives. The surgeon, anesthesiologist, and their staff explained and coached me through the steps before and after surgery several times!!! I was always checked on before getting to my room. All of this may seem like nothing or small talk to some but for a super nervous patient like me it meant a lot.

The care and service carried on when I got to my room. Keep in mind that I was in pain for close to two years (7-10 level). The nursing staff were incredible!!! Each shift there were at least two nurses. I also noticed that whether it was 3:00 am or 3:00 pm there was that same smile, kindness, and professionalism all throughout… AWESOME. Also, with me having three situations my hip and two internal hiccups, I saw no lack of knowledge. My background was and is catering to the public, the people. I spent years in the hotel industry and many years in parks and recreation. I've seen good and bad service and MMMC Molokai South 3rd floor is all good!!!

So I say thank you very much Charge Nurse Karen. RN Hilary - keep on nursing maybe later you get into lumberjacking. Joy - I hope I did not make things uneasy; I don't think so. RN ''Jersey'' Cathy - my mom and I had a blast with you. RN Jen - thank you for caring at 3:00 am. Thank you Marybelle, Antwena, Zaida, Nona, RN Keith, I like the nickname. Thank you Ross and Janessa for kicking me out, (I mean discharging me) and everything that I needed to know from medications, numbers, and how to change my catheter bag at home; by the way it's flowing now!!! The PT crew Winston and Mike and the OT Sheryl. Also, Virgil from Molokai South for following up with me a week after surgery. If I have forgotten anyone I apologize.

Thank You for Everything,

Calvin Pico
Wailuku, Maui