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Betty Leis

A visit to the Intensive Care Unit was not on Betty Leis's plans for celebrating her 90th birthday, but just a few weeks after marking such an important milestone, that's exactly what happened.

Betty had fallen at home and was brought to Maui Memorial Medical Center's Emergency Department. Images taken by the hospital's state-of-the-art CT scanner showed a bleed in her brain. To closely monitor her injury, she was admitted to the ICU.

"They took a lot of precautions with my mom because they knew she'd had a similar injury a year earlier," says Betty's son, Stephen Leis. "They were prepared for a situation that could have been worse."

Betty was impressed by the care she received in the ICU, especially her nurse, Josh Masslon. "They take really good care of you," she says. "On the second day I was there, he'd been to the library and he brought me things to read on what had happened to me. He really takes an interest in his patients."

Two days after she was admitted, a follow up CT scan showed that the bleeding had stopped, and Betty was released from the hospital. She was glad to get home so that she could spend time with her seven children, 13 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, and her first great-great-grandchild.

Stephen appreciates the excellent care his mother received at Maui Memorial. "People really care," he says. "They take time to answer your questions, and they have a passion for what they do. I think that makes a big difference."