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Patient Stories - Compassionate Care From ER Physician

"I had to go to the ER when my spinal issues came to a point I was in so much pain, I could not sit or sleep. I was very apprehensive about going in for back pain, but was at a point where I didn't feel I had a choice. The intake process was easy and I was taken back quickly, although they put me on a gurney in the hall as the ED is busy and there were more pressing issues than my pain (which was excruciating but still less pressing than a stroke). I think anyone who has complaints about the MMMC ER has not spent much time in Emergency Rooms. I have been in many, all over the country due to several injuries, a couple accidents and being a childhood asthmatic. It is NEVER fast and true emergencies must always take priority (you should be glad for this in the case you ever have a stroke and seconds make a difference). The best you can hope for is to receive attentive compassionate care from a doctor who listens to you. My care with Dr. Vijak Ayasanonda who listened to all of my complex issues, history and symptoms and ordered an incredibly thorough evaluation. He made sure I was comfortable and helped me formulate a solid follow up plan. I had multiple questions about my CAT scan summary after I left and emailed him twice - he replied to both messages immediately. I also feel I was moved through the ER fairly quickly considering the work up I needed. Dr. Ayasanoda was super, super busy but didn't rush or make me feel rushed when he was focused on me. I don't think I could have asked for a better attending physician."

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