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Patient Stories - First time mama-to-be in ER

"Last night my boyfriend took me to the Maui Memorial ER/ED because I was not feeling well at all. My ears and throat have been killing me and feet are swollen as well as pain in my lower abdomen. I don't take any cold medicine and have just been trying OTC natural methods because I am a first time mama-to-be and about 20 & 1/2 weeks along. All the pregnancy aches and pains are all so new to me and I am constantly reading up on everything trying to take it easy. I ruled out COVID after taking a few at home tests but will probably test myself again because i just got back from a 3 day interisland trip.I expected to wait and it really wasn't that bad. They still have a tent outside their door for an extra waiting area and the triage nurse checks you in. The triage nurse last night was Monica. She was one of the nicest nurses I have ever met. So were the other nurses working inside. They were so busy and full so there were 2 ER doctors coming out to talk to patients in the waiting area. Dr. Lee quickly ruled out an ear infection and strep throat. RN Monica tried to get me upstairs to be seen by an OB, but I think because another pregnant mama had bleeding, etc. and was much farther along than me, they took her instead. I got a urine test, they took blood, and put me on an IV and I just waited in the waiting room.I was crying even though I'm usually not a crier, but like I said before this is my first pregnancy. This is considered a high risk pregnancy because of my age, etc. and the hormones and stress I've been under have made me so worried about this baby inside of me.... My boyfriend consoled me and I was eventually given medication, a prescription, and was discharged.As someone who hates going to the ER, who has never gone to this one for myself, I just want to say this ER does such a great job. They have great, helpful, caring staff and I am very grateful for them taking care of me last night. I went in feeling a mess and left feeling a bit more optimistic and feeling better.Mahalo Nui Maui Memorial."

- Tris W.

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