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To the People of Hawai’i: We are in this together

On Friday, August 20, physician leadership from across Hawaii released a joint statement to the people of Hawaii and plea for help so the hospitals across the state can continue in their commitment to care for our people, both those with COVID and those with other health conditions:

Hawai’i is experiencing an unprecedented disastrous surge of COVID-19 throughout the state.

We need our health care system able to care for people in Hawai’i who are sick—whether it be from COVID, trauma, stroke, heart attack, cancer or other problem.

Our ability to deliver on that need is stretched right now. Because of COVID, as we move from conventional to contingency to crisis capacity throughout the state’s healthcare systems, the worst-case scenario can happen--- there will not be enough healthcare for everyone to get the care they need when they need it.

We are in this together

This current surge is different. The COVID variant infections are spreading aggressively in healthy adults and children. The viral load is 1000 times higher. The contagious spread is many times higher.

We are absolutely committed to providing the best possible care to our patients given the circumstances and resources available.

We can do this together

Everyone can do their individual and collective part to ensure our best is your best.

Please get vaccinated. The vaccines are safe and effective and help protect you, your family members, your community and our keiki who are ineligible for the vaccine.

Everyone, wear a mask, maintain physical distances, continue to clean your hands, and please stay home when you are sick or have any symptoms.

Extra steps during this alarming time:

  • Reduce your risk by setting your own curfews;
  • avoid activities that increase risks of trauma;
  • avoid activities that increase risks of exposure.
  • If you have traveled, get tested a few days after you arrive back in Hawaii.

Please help. Your choices will prevent the scenario of not enough healthcare resources for someone who
really needs them. We don’t want that someone to be you.

We are in this together

Todd L. Allen, M.D.
Melinda Ashton, M.D.
Lee Buenconsejo-Lum MD, FAAFP
Thomas Forney, M.D.
Ronald Y. Fujimoto D.O.
Steven A. Hankins, MD, MPH
Jason Hughes, D.O.
Kathleen Katt, MD, FACEP
Douglas Kwock, M.D.
Della M. Lin, MD, FASA
Gerard Livaudais MD, MPH,FACP
Downing Lu MD, MPH
James Madison, D.O.
Nobuyuki Miki, M.D.
Zamir V. Moen, M.D.
Kenneth Nakamura, M.D.
Kevin M. Nakamura, M.D.
Kim-Anh Nguyen MD, PhD
Gary Okamoto, M.D.
Charles Okamura, M.D.
Shari Oshiro, M.D.
Shilpa J. Patel, M.D.
Julius Cuong Pham, MD, PhD
Linda Rosen, MD, MPH
Vija Sehgal MD, MPH, PhD
Michael Shea M.D.
Robert Smitson, M.D.
Curtis Toma, M.D.
Warren Wong, M.D
Brian Wu, M.D.
Geri Young, M.D.