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Together We Have - Faith Tish Perri

No one ever wants to go to the hospital. But honey, if I get sick again, I want to go to Maui Memorial Medical Center.

I’ve been hospitalized three times at Maui Memorial — twice for bowel obstructions that required surgery and once for a severe case of pneumonia. Each time, the treatment that I needed to make a full recovery — from the ER to surgery to inpatient — was available right here. The doctors, the nurses, and the aides all knew what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Each of those experiences made me realize how fortunate we are. We no longer have to fly to Honolulu for expert medical care. We have highly trained professionals and state-of-the-art technology available right here at home.

How the doctors and staff provided care was just as impressive. They went beyond the call of duty in their responsiveness to my needs and concerns. They saw me not just as a condition to be cured, but as a human being to be treated with dignity as part of my healing.

I’ve been a donor to Maui Memorial for four years. It’s a comfort to know that this caliber of care and expertise is available here on Maui. I’m proud to help ensure this kind of care remains accessible to all who live or visit here.

Tish Perri, Donor


This story and more can be found in the Maui Health Foundation's Annual Report. A digital copy of their Annual Reports are available online on at! The compilation of stories that exude faith, hope, ʻohana, and the recognition of all Maui Health staff as Guardian Angels really make it shine. ⠀