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Words of Gratitude for Maui Health Vaccine Clinic Staff

Maui Memorial Medical Center OB/L&D Assistant Nurse Manager Lorilee Watt, BSN, RN recently brought her son into our vaccine clinic and shared her experience with us. According to Lori, from the minute they walked into the clinic to when they left - from start to finish - they had the best experience. Here is what she shared:

I just wanted to email you and let you know that we had such a wonderful experience in your Covid-19 vaccination clinic last week Thursday. This is my youngest kiddo, Logan. He was born with a rare genetic defect of the EBF3 gene and as a result is hypotonic, ataxic, nonverbal, and developmentally delayed. We have been waiting for the CDC to approve Covid-19 vaccinations to children 5-12 years and was ecstatic when it was announced that we were opening this up for the community.

We walked in last week Thursday and from start to finish had the BEST experience. Janet greeted us at the door and answered any and ALL questions regarding the VAMS portal and navigation of the site. All of the volunteers were wonderful and were the BEST cheering squad. The male RN that administered the vaccine was phenomenal and engaging and checked up on Logan as we were waiting.

The part that I’m always going to remember fondly, is that after the injection when Logan stood up to walk to the prize wheel, everyone in the lobby clapped and cheered like he was a superhero. Talk about goosebumps and feeling the love! It was awe inspiring and a testament to the amazing individuals including admitting, security, volunteers, and clinic staff that make up our vaccine clinic. Thank you for all that you do!

Thank you, Lori, for sharing your experience with us! And thank you to our incredible vaccine clinic team – from our nurse grads and auxiliary volunteers, to the admitting team, valet, security, and leader Chrissy Miller, RN, we truly have the most caring, compassionate and dedicated team we could ever ask for. Thank you!

We know that getting your children vaccinated is a very important and personal decision for our Maui families and we at Maui Health are doing everything we can to provide a safe and loving experience for our keiki. We also know it is important that parents do their own research and we have provided links to reliable information on COVID-19 vaccines for kids on our website. Click here to read more. Thank you for doing your part to help put an end to this pandemic.