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Physician opportunities

If you are interested in practicing medicine in Hawaii, Maui has plenty to offer. An island practice is an opportunity to work and live in one of the most beautiful and friendly places on the planet.

Reasons to practice medicine on Maui

Here are some of the many reasons to consider setting up your practice here.

You can make a difference. Hawaii is experiencing a physician shortage. Establishing your practice here will have a direct and positive effect on the health of the community.

The family-friendly lifestyle. What you should also know about Maui is that it's great for families. Our island home feels a lot like a small town, even though it boasts more than 160,000 residents. From civic clubs to high school sports, you'll find the same family-friendly activities as you would on the mainland.

Recreational opportunities. There's a reason Maui is a popular tourist destination. Visit an aquarium. Go cycling, hiking, surfing, road touring or paddling. Those are just a few of the recreational opportunities.

Great culture and dining. Maui is home to many excellent restaurants, a thriving arts and cultural center and big-name concerts.

A relaxed pace of life. Everywhere you go you'll find the aloha spirit—a way of life practiced throughout the Hawaiian islands. What you won't find on Maui is big-city hustle and bustle. So if you want a challenging career opportunity and prefer a more relaxed approach to metropolitan hurry, our island could be for you.

Where to live on Maui

Most providers tend to live and practice in Central Maui, South Maui and Upcountry Maui, locations closer to Maui Memorial Medical Center. But whether you prefer a cooler hillside home or a residence near sun-kissed beaches, Maui has something for everyone.

Learn more about practicing medicine in Hawaii

If you would like to learn more about opportunities to be in practice on Maui, email Julie A. Hew (, Physician Practice Program Manager. Let us know what you're looking for and your specialty, and we will be in touch to discuss how we can support you.

Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants:

Thank you for your interest in our community. Our hospital is a community hospital and as such, we do not hire NPs or PAs. Physician practices on island employ NP/PAs and may have openings. If you are looking for an NP or PA opening on Maui, please reach out to the private medical offices on Maui to see if they have an opening, or check on Indeed or LinkedIn as some offices post there. Good luck in your search and thank you again for your interest in providing care on Maui.

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