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Welcome to Maui Health’s Physician/Provider Portal - an online resource for all community physicians and providers caring for the residents and visitors of Maui County.

Physician/Provider Resources

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Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Physician Referral Information:

Effective September 22, 2021, Monoclonal Antibody Treatment (mAb)(Regeneron) is now available at Maui's new treatment center located at Kaiser Permanente Maui Lani Medical Office. Physician referrals are not required but may help expedite the patient appointment process. All mAb treatments will be provided at this location, until further notice. Click here to refer a patient for mAb treatment.

For more information on Regeneron, download and print PDFs below:

Internal Resources

For more information regarding access to internal resources, please contact the Physician Practice Program Manager at (808) 269-5857.

Maui Health Fact Sheet 2021

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