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COVID-19 Testing FAQ

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COVID-19 Testing FAQ

What is universal testing at Maui Memorial Medical Center (MMMC)?

Universal testing is COVID-19 testing of all patients admitted to MMMC, including through the emergency department, laboring mothers, and direct admissions, regardless of symptoms. This also includes pretesting for outpatient procedures and ongoing testing of all patients who remain admitted to the hospital.

Why did MMMC decide to begin universal testing?

Universal testing is being done to prevent any potential exposure to patients, employees, or providers by helping to identify COVID-19 patients who may be carriers yet present with no symptoms. It’s a “catch-all” testing for all inpatients, regardless of symptoms. Universal testing helps to identify positive patients from the moment they enter our doors, even if they don’t have any symptoms, and allows us to isolate them and take other precautions to protect other patients, providers, and staff from possible exposure. This also helps the hospital better manage appropriate use of PPE supplies and establish the level of care needed.

Where is the testing done?

Most testing is done in the MMMC emergency department. OB patients are tested in the Labor and Delivery unit once admitted.

How long does it take get results and where do the patient wait?

Test results are available within three hours and most patients wait in the emergency department for results. Laboring moms remain in a L&D room until test results are returned.

Does MMMC have enough tests, especially with visitors arriving?

Maui Health and Clinical Labs of Hawaii have acquired a Hologic Panther machine that is able to run about 1,000 tests per day. Currently, at Maui Health, we have ample testing supplies for our employees and patients.

What if you have a positive result, what happens next?

Any patient that exhibits symptoms of COVID will be immediately isolated regardless of testing status - that includes asymptomatic patients that are positive.

What are warm units?

Warm units are hospital medical units that are converted to isolation areas for any suspected positive or confirmed positive patients. MMMC always has a warm unit open and can expand to include more warm units if the needs arise.

What is antibody testing and how is it different from the PCR test?

Antibody testing is used to detect past exposure to COVID-19. It does not ensure immunity to the virus and is used primarily for research studies. It does not test for active virus activity.

Do you think MMMC is better prepared for an increase in COVID-19 cases? Why?

Yes, MMMC is highly prepared for any increase in COVID-19 cases. We learned a lot about COVID since the onset of the pandemic and have made many changes. We are actively preparing with the continuous work done by our dedicated team of physicians and leaders through our Emergency Operations Center. We are constantly sourcing and building our supply of PPE, have increased our communication efforts and channels, instituted universal COVID testing and masking protocols, have ongoing testing for patients and employees, continue with enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of patient rooms and common areas, including the use of a Optimum-UV Enlight System, and are actively engaged and closely aligned with our Mayor, Department of Health and other state agencies, as well as hotel and travel industry partners, to better coordinate communication and other efforts.

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