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Lanai Community Hospital

Covid-19 Vaccine Information

We have limited quantity of COVID-19 vaccines available for eligible residents residents. Please call Lanai Community Hospital at 808-565-8450 to request a vaccine.

Why you should get vaccinated

Our island community is particularly vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19. Please do your part to protect yourself and our Lāna‘i ‘ohana to help end this pandemic. This is our shot to protect our community!

Our rural community, older population, and lack of medical resources make Lāna‘i particularly vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19, but our vulnerabilities now present our residents with a huge opportunity to be one of the first communities to move forward. Let’s not miss this chance! Why get vaccinated?

  1. Lowers your odds of getting COVID-19
  2. Protects household members and friends from becoming infected
  3. Lowers your chances of becoming seriously ill or dying from COVID-19
  4. It's highly effective, even against some new variants
  5. Side effects are minimal
  6. Lāna‘i community “herd” immunity
  7. The more people that are vaccinated, the sooner our quality of life improves

For more questions on the COVID-19 vaccine, visit our vaccine FAQ page.

Community Testing

Lanai Community Hospital is not a community testing site. If you need a COVID-19 test and would like to find a testing location, please visit the following websites to find a site near you: