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CPB Helps Patients in Need – Mahalo!

Foundation news | Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A $10,000 Patient Assistance grant was received from Central Pacific Bank that will help support patients in need so that they may be discharged in a safe and healthy way. Patients in need of assistance are often indigent or homeless, suffering from poverty, uninsured or underinsured, or have mental or other health challenges in addition to the original reason they were hospitalized. Often times they have no family members to assist them.

This generous grant will be used to support a variety of requests that may include the purchase of medications or medical equipment, transportation to suitable aftercare, or in some instances outpatient treatments that are not covered by insurance and patients do not have the resources to cover the costs. These funds are vital to the well-being of these patients, as without access to prescribed medications, treatments or equipment, these patients may not survive.

Mahalo Central Pacific Bank for your continued support of our community, our hospital, and our Foundation!

Photo (L to R): Desiree Ting, Business Banking Officer – Central Pacific Bank; Lisa Varde, CFRE, Executive Director – MMMC Foundation; Saedene Ota, Board Member – Central Pacific Bank and MMMC Foundation; Jason Williams, Vice President – Central Pacific Bank.