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COVID-19 Information

If you'd like to share questions, feedback or concerns, you can reach us on our website or via our anonymous CARE hotline at 808.242.2273 (CARE). If you would like a direct response to your question, please be sure to leave your contact information. Otherwise, feel free to provide your feedback anonymously.

Important updates from Maui Health

Visitor information

To protect the safety of our patients and caregivers, Maui Health is following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for limiting visitors at all of our hospitals and clinics.

Current visitor policy for all Maui Health facilities*:

In line with the latest guidelines issued by the County of Maui related to COVID-19, we have revised our visiting policy.

All Maui Health hospitals and facilities*:

  • At this time, no visitors are permitted, with the following exceptions:
    • One (1) visitor per obstetric (OB) patient.
    • One (1) visitor per pediatric patient, limited to parents or legal guardians.
    • A patient with any disability may have one personal assistant (18 years or older) if essential for the patient’s physical or emotional well-being and care.
    • No visitors under the age of 14.
  • Any visitor who is coughing or shows other signs of illness will not be allowed to enter.
  • Visitors will be required to wear a mask that the hospital will supply.
  • We encourage patients to remain closely connected to their loved ones through virtual means, including Skype, FaceTime, and/or phone.

*Maui Health locations: Maui Memorial Medical Center and Outpatient Clinic, Kula Hospital and Clinic, Lanai Community Hospital.

At Maui Memorial Medical Center, we have restricted public entrances to only the main lobby and the entrance located near the Pacific Cancer Institute. Emergency Room patients are provided a rapid assessment in the screening tent located directly outside the ER prior to being allowed to enter the ER. The cafeteria is open to employees only and the gift shop is closed until further notice.

We have seen a tremendous outpouring of support in the community. We are humbled by the generosity of individuals, nonprofits, and others who are reaching out to offer their support.

We are working with the Maui Health Foundation to accept Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) donations from the community.

To donate, visit our COVID-19 Fund page at

COVID-19 weekly radio updates

The weekly radio segment provides updates and answers questions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The series features executives and doctors with Maui Health and runs on Thursdays at 7:19 a.m. on KPOA 93.5 FM. Visit or e-mail to submit your question for consideration.

Frequently asked questions

It's important to get the facts and avoid spreading false or misleading information.

As with any evolving situation, it is critical to make decisions based on the most up-to-date, accurate information.

  • For the most accurate, and up-to-date COVID-19 information including general FAQs about the virus, how it is spread, and how to protect yourself, visit
  • For the most current information about Hawaii cases and current guidance, visit
  • If you have a question that hasn't been answered in an FAQ below, submit it here.

Maui Health FAQs

Is Maui Health closing any facilities?

At this time, all of our facilities are open with restrictions on visitors. See updated visitor policy below.

Can I still visit my loved one(s) in the hospital?

We have instituted a no-visitor policy at all of our hospitals and facilities as of March 25, 2020. No visitors are allowed, with the following exceptions:

  • One (1) visitor per pediatric patient, limited to parents or legal guardians.
  • One (1) visitor per obstetric (OB) patient.

For the full visitor policy, click here.

We encourage visitors to remain closely connected to their loved ones through virtual means, including Skype, FaceTime, and/or phone. Thank you for your understanding as we implement the necessary precautions to protect the health and safety of our patients, staff and community.

My family member has been exposed or tested positive for COVID-19. Can I visit them?

To protect both you, hospital staff, and patients of the hospital, there are no visitors on COVID-19 isolation units. We are able to support virtual visiting which nursing can help to facilitate.

Where can I get tested for COVID-19? Can I come to a Maui Health hospital to be tested?

Maui Health has the ability to test our patients for the virus. However, our facilities which include Maui Memorial Medical Center, Kula Hospital and Clinic, and Lana'i Community Hospital are NOT walk-in or drive-up community testing sites. If testing is warranted, per the latest CDC and health authority guidance, we will make the appropriate arrangements for testing for our patients.

Maui County residents or visitors who want to be tested can visit the County of Maui COVID-19 website for a list of current testing sites.

If you have a primary care physician (PCP), your first step should be to call them and discuss your symptoms (if any), any exposure you have had, and your potential risk. Please help protect health care employees and others around you by not showing up to a clinic, hospital, or screening site without being assessed over the phone first. The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and recommendations for testing may change. We recommend you continue to follow the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 websites for the most current information.


If a COVID-19 patient has been treated at a Maui Health facility, is it safe for other patients and visitors?

Yes. We follow strict environmental cleaning protocols to ensure our facilities are always clean and sterile for all our patients and visitors. We have been working on confronting highly infectious diseases for years, and we are confident we can safely treat patients who have been infected with this virus, with very little risk to our other patients and employees. This includes personal protective equipment (PPE) and protocols for screening, testing, isolation, treatment, and environmental cleaning.

I was in the hospital. How do I know if I was exposed to COVID-19?

If you were possibly exposed, you would have received a certified letter from us informing you of your potential exposure.

Will my elective surgery or procedure be canceled? How will I know?

To help ensure we have capacity and equipment to care for the most critically ill patients and minimize patients and visitors to our facilities, we’ve asked community surgeons on Maui to assess all elective or non-urgent procedures scheduled for the next few weeks to determine which of those can be safely rescheduled for a later date. Providers will be contacting their patients directly to reschedule and answer any questions.

Thank you for your understanding. Our priority continues to be the health and safety of our patients and keeping our staff safe and healthy so that they can continue to care for our community.

Are you canceling community events or other non-clinical community services?

As we focus on addressing community needs related to COVID-19, we have made the decision to cancel community events and meetings, including donated in-kind use of our auditorium and other meeting spaces, until further notice. We have also put auxiliary/volunteer services on hold at this time, including the MMMC gift shop, and Kula Auxiliary and Thrift Store, which are closed until further notice. This helps ensure our care facilities mitigate the risk of infection and all available resources are accessible to patients in need of medical care during this critical time. We will continue to assess the evolving COVID-19 situation and will communicate any updates to this decision. Thank you for your understanding.

What is Maui Health doing to prepare for a potential outbreak on Maui, including potential staffing and supply shortages?

Maui Health leadership has formed a COVID-19 Response Team to help prepare our staff and facilities for potentially large numbers of patients or community members who may become ill. The team is working closely with local and national health experts including the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and is focused on a comprehensive plan to protect and support our teams while providing safe, high-quality care to our patients and community.

We are also actively engaged with Kaiser Permanente’s (KP) national 24/7 command center. Our affiliation with KP provides us the opportunity to leverage their expertise and their experience caring for current COVID-19 cases throughout different KP regions, as well as preparing for any outbreak. We can also lean on other KP regions for staffing and supplies, should the need arise.

We are closely monitoring our supply chains to identify any potential shortages, and have developed surge plans to expand our capabilities, if needed, to ensure we meet the medical needs of our community. As we do every flu season, we have contingency plans in place to manage both higher numbers of patients in our facilities and illnesses among staff.

As in all cases of emerging infectious diseases, we are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to follow the latest science and guidance from public health authorities, which could change as more is understood about this virus. We are prepared to make changes as required by the quickly evolving situation.

What is Maui Health doing to prevent the spread of infection at its facilities?

Maui Health has been taking proactive steps to reduce the risk of infection among its employees, staff, and community. In addition to a no-visitor policy and pre-entry screening at all of our hospitals and emergency rooms, we have canceled all non-emergent procedures. This helps reduce the number of patients and visitors in our hospitals and ensures we have the capacity and equipment to care for the most critically ill patients. See visiting hours and elective procedures below for additional information.

Employee protocols include asking sick employees to stay home, canceling large meetings and staff travel, increasing the use of teleworking among staff, and continuing to educate our staff and promote preventative measures with a focus on social distancing, proper handwashing, hygiene, and cleaning and disinfection protocols.

We have protocols in place to address situations when employees and physicians are exposed to the virus to ensure that we can protect them and others from additional risk. Staff at all our medical centers routinely run drills using various emergency scenarios, including detection and treatment of infectious diseases. As COVID-19 protocols are updated, we can quickly adjust and implement as needed, to maintain compliance with national guidelines.

Is there timely cleaning of all common areas?

Keeping our hospital(s) clean consists of three components: evidence-based cleaning protocols, staff training, and approved disinfectant solutions. Our hospital protocols are developed based on industry standards and reviewed by our hospital quality and infection control teams.

All areas of the hospital(s) are cleaned on a routine basis including common areas and specific items such as door handles, elevator and vending machine buttons, and handrails.

Are the rumors true? Are staff not being allowed to wear any PPE at all?

All staff are allowed to wear PPE and PPE is provided to them. Healthcare workers providing direct patient care are provided the appropriate PPE for the care specific to each patient.

Can staff wear their own homemade masks?

Employees are allowed to wear their own masks and the hospital also provides masks. However, when providing direct patient care, employees are required to wear the appropriate hospital-issued mask for both the patient and their own protection.

Can I donate masks, gloves or other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the hospital?

We have seen a tremendous outpouring of support in the community and are humbled by the generosity of individuals, nonprofits, and others who are reaching out to offer their support by donating PPE. We are partnering with the Maui Health Foundation to accept PPE donations. Click here to donate or for more information. Mahalo for your support!

Are there mental health resources for me and my family to help us cope with stress?

We understand this outbreak may be stressful for you and your family. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. We encourage you to take advantage of the many free resources available from local and national agencies to support your and your family’s mental health, including the CDC’s tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety. For additional Hawaii-based resources, call the COVID-19 Information Hotline by dialing 211 from any local phone.

I know this is not the flu, but is it too late to get the flu vaccine if I haven’t gotten it yet?

Flu season is approaching! Despite all of the attention we are paying to COVID-19, please remember to get your flu shot this Fall. We anticipate the vaccine will be available in mid-September.

I have non-urgent questions about COVID-19. Who can I call so I don’t tie up hospital phone lines?

Thank you for helping us keep our phone lines open for emergency medical calls. For any general questions about COVID-19, or for help finding additional resources for you and your family, call the COVID-19 Information Hotline by dialing 211 from any local phone. You can also reach them by text and email. Click here for more information.