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Q: Can exercising with a friend improve my workout?

Yes! There are many benefits to working out with a friend or exercise partner. For one thing, it can help you stay more consistent. You’re less likely to stay home or skip a workout if you know your workout buddy is waiting for you.

Studies have also found that exercising with a partner can increase your workout time and intensity. So whether it’s because of friendly competition, or you’re just more motivated because you’re having fun, you’re more likely to push yourself a bit harder when you’re with a friend.

Maybe most important, working out can be more enjoyable with a friend. It might also lead you to try a new activity or stretch yourself with a challenge. And it’s no secret that you’re more likely to stick with a healthy lifestyle if you’re having fun.

Finally, having an exercise partner can also boost your mental health. Your workout buddy can be someone to chat with, offer support, and celebrate successes. It’s a chance to check in once or twice a week about how things are going.

So how do you find the right workout buddy? Talk with your friends, family, and coworkers, or ask around at the gym. If you can’t find anyone right away, try finding a friend on social media or a workout app to share goals and regular check-ins. You can reap many of the same benefits with a virtual workout buddy as you can in person.