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Q: Does Maui Memorial Medical Center have enough oxygen to treat COVID patients?

Yes. Maui Memorial Medical Center has enough oxygen to treat COVID and non-COVID patients. Our supplier has confirmed they are able to continue to meet our oxygen needs, even when our COVID patient numbers were significantly higher than they are now.

We have also taken additional steps to protect our supply. We recently received an on-site oxygen generator from Kaiser Permanente. This machine can take regular air and convert it into medical grade oxygen. We can use it to supplement our liquid oxygen supply and can produce more if needed.

Our leadership team has also implemented an oxygen stewardship program to ensure we are managing our oxygen resources appropriately. We have taken steps to frequently monitor oxygen supply equipment, to educate employees on steps to reduce oxygen waste and reevaluate patient use protocols to help improve overall oxygen use efficiencies based on the appropriate standards of care.

We are confident Maui Memorial Medical Center has ample oxygen supply for all patient care needs.

Wade Ebersole
COO, Maui Health