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Q: If an employee, patient, or concerned community member wants to share a concern, what is the best way to ensure it gets reviewed and addressed?

Yes, we welcome and appreciate all feedback, concerns, and questions and have various ways that we can be reached. We are dedicated to ensuring our Maui Health ‘ohana, which includes our employees, patients, providers and community, knows that their feedback is valued, and they are being heard.

Community Feedback: Please encourage our community to ensure we are aware of any issues or concerns. As a community hospital, our employees, providers, and leadership are also valuable community members, it is vital we hear from you. We take concerns your concerns seriously and need to hear from you directly to address them. We ask that you submit your feedback and questions via our website at, or anonymously through our CARE Hotline at 242-2273 (CARE).

Patient Feedback: Maui Health hospitals and clinics are dedicating to providing safe, compassionate care – that is our number one priority. If we fail in that attempt, we want to know. We encourage patients or their family member to call our Patient Care Experience Hotline at 242-2266. If you leave a message with your contact info and brief description of the experience or concern, a Patient Care Experience Coordinator will return your call within 24 business hours.

Additionally, hearing from a patient or their family about a positive experience at a Maui Health facility is also important. Our team works tirelessly to care of our community every day. Letters of thanks can brighten up a day and remind all our caregivers that they do make a difference. You can submit letters of gratitude on our website at

Employee Feedback: The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every single employee in every department and has created immense change and challenges. With over 1,600 employees, we are not always made aware of every issue, but it is important that we do. If any employee is experiencing any problem or issue, we urge them to bring it to the attention of another leader or submit their concern to leadership. Employees have access to contact information (email and phone numbers) for any Maui Health senior leader. If they feel uncomfortable disclosing their personal identity, they can also leave an anonymous message on our Maui Health CARE Hotline. It is critical that employees take the steps needed to get help, report a problem immediately, and follow up until they have found resolution. Our priority is the safety of our employees, providers and patients and any safety concerns will be prioritized to be addressed immediately.

Michael Rembis, CEO
Maui Health