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Q: Should I get vaccinated even if I already had COVID-19? How long should I wait?

Yes, you should still get vaccinated. People who get COVID do have some natural immunity after they recover. However, the vaccine provides an extra layer of protection and because we don’t yet know how long natural immunity lasts after a COVID-19 infection, getting vaccinated can help you stay protected for longer.

Additionally, there is evidence that vaccination offers greater protection against COVID-19 than the antibodies you get naturally after you recover. In one study, people who had recovered from COVID-19 were twice as likely to get it again if they were unvaccinated.

People who received monoclonal antibodies (immunotherapy) or convalescent plasma while being treated for COVID-19 should wait 90 days before getting vaccinated.

Adults and children who have a history of multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) should talk with a doctor and wait until they’ve recovered from COVID and 90 days after they were diagnosed with MIS before getting vaccinated.

For everyone else, once you’ve recovered from COVID and are no longer infectious, you can get vaccinated.

If you have a history of medical issues or any concerns, we encourage you to talk to your primary care physician before getting vaccinated, as they know your health history and can make medical recommendations for your individual health and safety.

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Chrissy Miller
Employee Health Manager, Maui Health