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Q: Will my insurance cover bariatric surgery?

Many people want to know if their insurance will cover bariatric surgery, and the answer is almost always yes. All insurance providers require at least five steps before agreeing to cover weight-loss surgery, including a consultation visit, one seminar, one support group meeting, one nutrition evaluation, and one psychological evaluation.

On Maui, Midpacific Surgical Specialists has an agreement with HMSA, so that if you complete all five steps, you will be approved for surgery immediately. Other insurance providers usually take between one and two weeks to approve the procedure. Some insurance providers, including Alohacare and UHA, may ask that you follow up for three monthly supervised diet visits before having surgery approved.

Once you’ve secured insurance coverage and are ready for surgery, our office or the bariatric program you select, can work with you to schedule your surgery at a time that will work for your schedule.

Arthur B. Chasen, MD

General Surgery

Mid Pacific Surgical Specialist
1830 Wells St., Suite #101
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