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Lānaʻi Fitness Challenge

Welcome to the Lāna’i Fitness Challenge

Maui Health, Lānaʻi Community Hospital, and Lānaʻi Community Health Center are partnering again to kick off the month-long fitness challenge on October 1! It is our hope that the fun and engaging challenge helps to promote exercise and family adventure, even in the midst of a pandemic.

Let's motivate each other and everyone in our Lānaʻi community to get out and about walking, running, jogging, swimming, hiking, biking, and more! Because it is virtual and tracked via the MoveSpring app, this challenge is open to anyone within the United States but promoted mainly for Lānaʻi residents to unify for health.

How to Register:

Registration Form

  • Download the MoveSpring App on your mobile device and follow the steps to connect

After you download the “MoveSpring” app, join using the organization code “LANAI”. Syncing your device is a crucial part of the challenge, this is how challenge officials will be to able to track your steps/distance to qualify you to be entered each week. If you’re experiencing some challenges with the app, in connecting or setting up, please contact

NEW! Age categories were updated this year

  • Ages 0 - 9: The goal is to hit at least 4,000 steps/day or 28,000 steps/week
  • Ages 10 - 13: The goal is to hit at least 7,000 steps/day or 47,000 steps/week
  • Ages 14 - 17: The goal is to hit at least 8,000 steps/day or 56,000 steps/week
  • Ages 18 - 49: The goal is to hit at least 10,000 steps/day or 70,000 steps/week
  • Ages 50 - 59: The goal is to hit at least 8,000 steps/day or 56,000 steps/week
  • Ages 60 - 69: The goal is to hit at least 5,000 steps/day or 35,00 steps/week
  • Ages 70+: The goal is to hit at least 4,000 steps/day or 28,000 steps/week

Social Media Challenge

Rules for the social media challenge:

  1. You must be following these Instagram accounts:
    1. @lanaihealth
    2. @wearemauihealth
  2. Your Instagram account muse be public. * You can set your account back to private after winners are announced.
  3. Tag @lanaihealth and @wearemauihealth in your image.
  4. Use the hashtag #lanaifitnesschallenge2021 in your description
  5. Pictures must be taken during the week of the social media theme. Do not plan ahead and take a bunch of pictures. We want this even to give you a month of adventure along with your exercise. But side not, you can post a picture everyday if you plan to get create with the theme of the week!

Week 1- Hike on a historic trail

October 1 - October 7

Week 2- "I like to ride my bicycle"

October 8 - October 14

Week 3- Sun's out?! Let's hit the beach! (water activity)

October 15 - October 21

Week 4- Take the scenic route (get creative)

October 22 - October 28

Winners will be randomly selected and announced as a repost on the @lanaihealth account. Anyone signed up for the challenge can participate. Prizes will be shipped out to those not on Lānaʻi.

Follow @LANAIHEALTH on Instagram for social media challenges and event info.