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Visiting hours

Visitor guidance

Updated Visitor Guidelines - Maui Memorial Medical Center
Effective January 24, 2022

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our patients, employees and providers, and

To provide the highest level of care and safety, we must continually and frequently review processes and protocols to ensure they remain in alignment with patient and family needs as well as the changing health care landscape across our county and throughout the state, due to the recent COVID-19 surge. As such, our visitor policy has been updated as a proactive measure to ensure the safest environment to receive care and to work within.

We understand the important role that loved ones play in the health and well-being, plan of care, and healing process for our patients, and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation. At this time, no visitors are permitted for adult patients, however exceptions* can be made in certain situations provided the visitor complies with the hospital’s COVID-19 requirements:

  • Women in labor are permitted one (1) designated visitor for their entire stay. Women in labor and their support person may enter at either the Main Lobby or the ER/PCI entrance. At this time doula/midwives are not allowed as an additional visitor. (Eff. 1/12/22)
  • Pediatric patients are permitted to have one (1) parent or guardian with them at all times.
  • End of life and significant changes in condition may have visitors not to exceed two (2). These situations will need to be scheduled directly with clinicians providing care.
  • Patients with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990: reasonable modifications to the visitation policy will be made to allow for support person visitation to patient needs and coordinated with the clinical team.
  • Procedural/surgical patients may have one support person accompany them to Ambulatory Care Services (ACS) and return to meet the patient when they are ready for discharge. They will exit the building during the procedure and recovery. The patients in the ACS area may designate family/support person(s) to receive text notification of their procedure progress.
  • Outpatients may have one support person accompany them to the treatment area and return to meet the patient when they are ready for discharge. They will exit the building during the treatment.
  • Behavioral health and emergency department will continue to not allow visitors unless clinically indicated. Each request will be evaluated for appropriateness.
  • We encourage visitors to remain closely connected to their loved ones through virtual means, including Skype, FaceTime, and/or phone.

All approved visitors will be screened at the hospital entrance for temperature and any signs or symptoms consistent with a virus, and must comply with all safety protocols, including:

  • Visitors will be provided a mask, and it must be worn at all times while in the facility; this includes during their visit in the patient's room.
  • No removal of masks is allowed, this includes refraining from eating while in the hospital.
  • Masks are to be worn over both the nose and mouth.
  • Visitors must limit their movement to a direct path to and from the person they are visiting.
  • Security at the entrance will provide the visitor with a visitor badge specific to the room and bed that they are visiting.
  • The badge must be worn so that staff can easily validate they are authorized to be in the facility.
  • Aggressive behavior and violence will not be tolerated. Should anyone, including visitors, become verbally/physically abusive in any way, Security and/or Maui Police Department will be called and, if warranted, criminal charges will be pursued.
  • Children under the age of 14 will not be permitted to visit.

*Some units and/or patients may be closed to visitors at certain times. Please contact Kula Hospital and Lanai Community Hospital directly for information on visitation for long-term care residents.

For more information, download the complete update on visitor guidelines at MMMC:

Download Visitor Guidelines

Download Visitor Infection Control Guidelines

ICU Admission FAQ (Wailuku Tower Only)

Additional ADA Information

The purpose of this communication is to ensure that the civil rights of Maui Health patients with disabilities and/or with language assistance needs continue to be protected in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act.

  • Per the CDC, limit visitors to the facility to only those essential for the patient’s physical or emotional well-being and care (e.g., care partners).
  • A patient with any disability may have one personal assistant (18 years or older) if essential for the patient’s physical or emotional well-being and care.
  • If deemed essential for care, only one essential caregiver/personal assistant may accompany a patient to any Maui Health facility (e.g., hospital, emergency department, medical office, clinic, pharmacy, lab, etc.).
  • For patients who need language assistance, follow existing policies and procedures for providing a certified interpreter or bilingual certified staff. Relying on the patient’s family member for interpretation should only occur as a last resort.

Public entrances

At Maui Memorial Medical Center, we have restricted public entrances to only the main lobby and the entrance located near the Pacific Cancer Institute.

  • Visitors for inpatients will enter the hospital using the Main Lobby entrance.

Emergency Room patients are provided a rapid assessment in the screening tent located directly outside the ER prior to being allowed to enter the ER. The gift shop is also closed until further notice.