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Safe Travels

As we welcome visitors back to beautiful Maui County, we ask all guests to please be respectful of our community, our people, and the natural beauty of our islands. We are so happy to share our home with you and ask for your kōkua (assistance) to help keep our friends, neighbors and other island visitors safe and healthy, and help protect our island resources - from mauka (mountain/inland) to makai (ocean).

Before you travel, make sure you complete the required paperwork and COVID-19 testing. You must also download the AlohaSafe Alert App prior to arrival. Click here for Maui County travel information.

While you are here on island, please follow Maui County COVID-19 mandates which include wearing a mask and maintaining appropriate physical distance from those outside your immediate household (staying in the same hotel room) at all times, and washing your hands frequently, as well as following the requirements of each establishment you visit (restaurants, activities, hotel/accommodations). For all Maui County public health updates and mandates, click here or visit

Covid-19 safety protocols and Maui County mandates

Please remember that you must wear a mask (approved face covering) at all times when in public areas, even when outdoors (it’s the law!), when you are not able to maintain a physician distance of at least six (6) feet from other individuals at all times (outside of immediate household members). This includes while walking on any sidewalks, public parking lots, shopping centers and other outdoor areas, as well as while grocery shopping, in your hotel lobby, and while walking to and from the pool or beach to your room. Click the drop-down below (arrow in right corner) to review current County of Maui Public Health Emergency Rules.

County of Maui Public Health Emergency Rules

The County of Maui Public Health Emergency Rules, as of January 19, 2021, (face covering excerpt included below) have the force and effect of law and any violation is punishable as a misdemeanor, with fines of up to $5,000, a maximum of one year in jail, or both.

Face covering (page 6): The requirements of Governor Ige’s Seventeenth Proclamation are incorporated herein by reference, and in the case of any difference in these Rules and the State’s Proclamation, the more stringent or comprehensive shall apply. Pursuant to Exhibit J to the State’s Seventeenth Proclamation, individuals are not required to wear face coverings “while outdoors when physical distance of six (6) feet from other individuals (who are not members of the same household/living unit/residence) can be maintained at all times.” As a general guideline, “if you have to ask, wear a mask.”

Within Maui County, this exception applies:

1. When persons are stationary and adequately separated, such as occupying a pool lounge chair, beach chair, or towel.

2. Face coverings must be worn while walking to and from the pool or beach area and may only be removed once the person is stationary and adequately separated from non-household members.

This exception does not apply, and face coverings are required:

1. On sidewalks, hiking trails, and in parks and similar areas, unless actively engaged in strenuous outdoor physical activity, provided adequate physical distancing is both possible and practiced.

2. In any open-air or partially open mall, marketplace, lobby, atrium, gas station, or similar facility.

3. Where specific facility rules, such as for sports, bars, and restaurants, are established.

*Please note that while we make every effort to update this page on a regular basis, please review the links to each reference in full to ensure you are following the current Maui County mandates.