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Cardiac surgery

"You need heart surgery." Those can be four of the scariest words you might hear. But if you're being treated at Maui Memorial Medical Center (MMMC), you can rest assured you're being cared for by Maui's finest cardiothoracic surgeons.

Our surgeons are recognized leaders in Hawaii. Not only do they diagnose and treat patients who have heart problems like artery disease and heart failure, but they can also treat diseases of the lungs, esophagus and diaphragm—including cancer.

Importantly, the procedures our team performs tend to have great outcomes with complication rates that are as low as those you'd find in other medical centers on Oahu and elsewhere.

Heart and lung surgeries we perform

Our team performs a variety of minimally invasive and conventional procedures to diagnose, evaluate, and manage heart and lung conditions. These procedures include:

Make an appointment with a surgeon

Our cardiac surgeons and cardiologists work together as one heart team to help patients through their surgeries and healing with compassionate, patient-centered care.

If you'd like an appointment with one of our cardiac surgeons, please call the MMMC Outpatient Clinic at 808.442.5700.