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Living with a gastrointestinal (GI) problem isn't always easy. Some symptoms, like bloating, heartburn and indigestion, can be disruptive and painful. Other digestive health problems can be potentially more serious.

But should you ever need a highly trained specialist to help you with a GI problem, we are here for you. You will find advanced procedures and personalized care at Maui Health.

The GI experts on Maui

Gastroenterologists are doctors who are trained to treat diseases of the GI tract, including problems with the esophagus, stomach, colon, gallbladder, pancreas, liver and rectum.

You might need to see one of these skilled providers if, for instance, you are experiencing:

At Maui Health, we offer both inpatient and outpatient gastroenterology services.

GI providers see patients and perform procedures at Maui Memorial Medical Center (MMMC) and MMMC Outpatient Clinic.

GI conditions we treat

These are some of the conditions we help diagnose, treat and manage:

Advanced GI procedures, close to home

If your doctor suggests having a GI procedure, you don't have to bear the expense and inconvenience of leaving the island for a trip to Oahu. We offer many procedures, including advanced endoscopic techniques like ERCP, right here on Maui.

For example, ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) can be used to remove gallstones from the bile or pancreatic ducts without surgery. Not all GI doctors have the training to perform ERCP.

We can even help you avoid a GI problem in the first place. The team provides colon screenings—such as colonoscopy—for cancer prevention and early detection.

Other procedures and services we offer include: