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Should you or a loved one ever require a hospital stay with Maui Health, you can count on receiving the very best care. Much of that inpatient care may be provided by a hospitalist.

Maui Health has more than 20 hospitalists who bring more than 100 years of combined experience providing excellent healthcare. Our team is as diverse as Maui and is made up of people from all over the world.

What's a hospitalist?

Hospitalists are doctors who specialize in caring for people in the hospital. They provide your general medical care, much like your primary doctor would outside the hospital setting.

Hospitalists are one of the fastest growing medical specialties due to the increased complexity of hospital care and the growing focus on quality improvement and patient experience. Maui Health's hospitalists are an integral part of our quality care efforts.

Great for our patients and families

Hospitalists are highly skilled providers. They're usually trained as internal medicine providers (internists) or family providers. Some may have additional expertise in other subspecialties.

Regardless of their foundational training and certifications, hospitalists' main focus is caring for hospitalized patients. They also have the knowledge and experience needed if your condition requires a complex level of care.

Hospitalists are always close by

Because hospitalists work within the hospital, they're always close by. This makes it easy for them to provide your general medical care and frequently check on how you're doing.

Hospitalists have many roles. For example, they can:

Excellent communicators

Hospitalists can also keep your primary doctor informed of your care. For example, a hospitalist may update your doctor during your hospital stay and upon your discharge from the hospital.