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Imaging services

Superior quality is a key factor to consider when you need an imaging test to help diagnose or treat a medical condition. And superior quality is just what you can expect at Maui Health.

A wide variety of imaging tests are available at Maui Memorial Medical Center (MMMC). We use some of the most advanced technology available anywhere in Hawaii. That means you can get the tests your doctor orders right here on Maui. And you can always be confident in the quality of your results.

Choose Maui Health for quality, convenience and comfort

Here are just a few of the reasons that Maui Health is the right choice for your next imaging exam:

Imaging tests we offer

The Imaging Department at MMMC serves outpatients and inpatients in a variety of settings, including in the Emergency Department.

Here are the imaging tests we offer and examples of some of the ways we use them:


Our Philips 3 Tesla MRI scanner produces the highest quality images of any MRI machine currently available. Its ultra-fast scans mean you'll spend less time inside the MRI machine. In addition, our machine is much quieter than older models, which also makes your exam more comfortable.

MRI tests and procedures include: Diagnostic scans of the brain, neck, sinuses, head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and muscular-skeletal system; cardiac, breast and prostate imaging; total-body MRI.

Computed tomography (CT)

Our Toshiba 640-slice CT yields excellent images in less time than older scanners. How fast is it? It can image the human heart in a mere fraction of a second! That speed means less radiation exposure, which is safer for you.

CT tests and procedures include: Diagnostic scans of the brain, neck, sinuses, head, chest, abdomen and pelvis; coronary artery imaging and calcium scoring; CT-guided biopsies; low-dose lung cancer screening.


Like all ultrasound units, our GE Logic ultrasound machines provide safe, diagnostic imaging with soundwaves. But our high-definition machines also offer an extra layer of image quality excellence.

Ultrasound tests and procedures include: Diagnostic scans of the abdomen, pelvis and neonatal head; Doppler ultrasound of the carotid, vertebral and renal arteries; ultrasound-guided biopsies; ultrasound-guided abscess drainage.

Nuclear medicine imaging

MMMC is the only center that provides this service on Maui and its closest neighboring islands.

Nuclear medicine tests and procedures include: Diagnostic imaging of various organs and tissues; Xofigo treatment for prostate cancer.


Breast cancer screening is performed with the GE Senographe Mammography System, the most advanced mammogram imaging system on Maui.

Mammography tests and procedures include: Screening and diagnostic mammograms; stereotactic breast biopsies.

Digital x-ray

Using next-generation digital technology, this x-ray equipment captures images with a lower radiation dose than either CT scanning or conventional film x-ray exams.

Digital x-ray tests and procedures include: Imaging of bones, organs and other structures.

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