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Hale Makamae

Hale Makamae is a nine-bed intermediate care facility for developmentally disabled individuals. It's the only facility of its kind in the state of Hawaii.

We're licensed to care for adults as well as people under the age of 18. For some of our clients, Hale Makamae is the only home they've known.

Hale Makamae shares the same lush, green grounds, and cool, crisp, Upcountry air with Kula Hospital. Our clients have access to many of the amenities enjoyed by the residents at Kula Hospital long-term care, including the Kula facility's rooftop garden and activity programs.

A focus on interaction with the community

Each client at Hale Makamae has an individual plan of care that includes goals for education, skill building and integration with the community. Clients can attend an adult day healthcare center multiple times a week. They also take trips to local parks, the beach and the mall. Many clients go on overnight stays with their parents.

As with all of Maui Health's facilities, Hale Makamae's unit manager is a registered nurse. Licensed practical nurses, registered nurses and certified nursing assistants staff the facility. A registered dietitian is on staff to ensure each client is on the appropriate, nutritious diet to fit their needs. We also have a complete interdisciplinary team with a provider.

A facility with 'lots of ohana'

We are proud to say that all the staff at Hale Makamae have long-term tenure, with more than 10 years of service. Our staff will say that Hale Makamae is like their ohana. It's very much a close-knit family atmosphere.

Hale Makamae translates to "House of the Precious Ones." That's exactly how the staff at Hale Makamae view their clients at this unique facility.

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