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Neurological problems can affect many parts of your body. Whether you're experiencing low-back pain, carpal tunnel or an emergency like stroke, the neurosurgeons at Maui Health can help.

We have some of the nation's foremost experts on our staff. They'll help you get better—without surgery whenever possible.

You can experience this world-class care without stepping foot off the island. In fact, some of our patients travel from the mainland to have neurosurgery here on Maui.

How we treat back pain and other neurological problems

Though our team includes experts in neurosurgery, most of the time we help people get better using conservative measures, like physical therapy, injections and holistic therapies.

We believe strongly in this approach, and we'll look at both conventional and holistic conservative therapies before we start talking about surgery.

Our neurosurgeons

If you do need surgery, you're in great hands at Maui Health. Our team includes the highly skilled neurosurgeons from Maui Brain and Spine: Christopher Taleghani, MD, and Joel Ulloth, MD. They see patients in the Maui Memorial Medical Center Outpatient Clinic.

Drs. Taleghani and Ulloth are recognized as leaders in their specialty. And, because Dr. Taleghani is regarded as one of the world's leading minimally invasive surgeons, he is often asked to teach the techniques to other surgeons.

Conditions we treat

Maui Health's neurosurgeons offer low-back pain treatment as well as help with many other conditions of the brain, spine and peripheral nervous systems.

Here are a few of the problems we can treat:

Minimally invasive spine surgery

Many spinal conditions can be treated with minimally invasive techniques that our neurosurgeons are known for. With these techniques, surgeons minimize trauma to healthy tissues.

The benefits over traditional surgery include a faster recovery, less post-operative pain and minimal scarring. For some procedures, you may even go home the same day.

Some of the more common procedures we perform with minimally invasive surgery include:

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