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Injury Prevention

Free classes currently available:

1. A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls

Do you limit your activity because you are afraid of falling? Our Matter of Balance class is just the class for you. In this class we come up with strategies to

  • identify and anticipate fall risks
  • reduce risk for falls in every day life
  • overcome barriers to staying active
  • find ways to keep doing the things you love to do!

Sign up here or call 808 264-1082

2. Stop The Bleed

This life-saving class takes place over 1 hour. During this class you will learn how to recognize life-threatening blood loss and how to stop it with direct pressure, wound packing or tourniquet application. Death from bleeding out is the number one preventable cause of death in trauma patients which means simple stop the bleed techniques can really save a lot of lives. We want everyone in Maui County prepared to save a life in the face of trauma, so that people can make it to our Trauma Center with some blood left.

We can hold this class virtually or in person, but in-person is preferred so that students can watch and practice these techniques.

Sign up here or call 808 264-1082

3. Stop The Bleed and Active Attacker

This 1.5 to 2-hour long lecture is a joint lecture provided by Maui Police Department (MPD) and Maui Health's Trauma Team. MPD begins the lecture with information on Active Attacker warning signs and best practices for running, hiding or fighting depending upon circumstances. Unfortunately, many gun-violence victims die from bleeding out, which is why Stop The Bleed(STB) techniques are so important for everyone to know. In fact STB was created in response to some of the needless lives lost to gun violence because of lack of knowledge amongst the public about basic stop-the-bleed techniques. That is why the Trauma team follows this lecture with stop the bleed training so that everyone who leaves is prepared to save a life.

Call or Text 808-264-1082 to book one of these classes.

4. What do You Consider Lethal

Need help talking to a group of teens about safe driving decisions? This hour-long presentation addresses the number one killer of teens in America- distracted and reckless driving. This lecture gets teens to think about how preventable these deaths are and how important everyday driving habits are when it comes to preventing distracted and reckless driving.