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Stay Active to Prevent Falls

Do you limit your activity because you are afraid of falling? Our Matter of Balance class is just the class for you. In this class we come up with strategies to

  • identify and anticipate fall risks
  • reduce risk for falls in every day life
  • overcome barriers to staying active
  • find ways to keep doing the things you love to do!

Upcoming Class

June 5 - 28, 2023

  • at Maui Memorial Medical Center ETSD Room
  • 12 - 2 pm | Mondays and Wednesdays

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To register, call/text (808) 264-1082 or sign up here.

Does your home increase your risk for falls?

Use this Home Safety Checklist to see if you can make your home safer.

Do you get dizzy when you stand up?

It can take your heart a minute to catch up with your body when you change positions like going from lying to sitting or sitting to standing. The lack of blood to the brain makes a person feel dizzy. What to do?

Pause and let your blood pressure catch up before changing positions including when going from:

  • lying to sitting
  • sitting to standing
  • standing to walking

Give yourself an even longer pause if you have been lying down for a while (like at night).

Tell your doctor if you feel dizzy when you sit up, s/he may be able to help! Learn more about other times you might experience Postural Hypotension and what to do here.

Do you have a midnight potty plan?

Many falls happen at night when people get up to go to the bathroom. Why? It is dark, many get dizzy when going from lying to standing too fast, having to go makes you feel rushed. What can help?

  • Make sure your path from your bed to your bathroom is well-lit.
  • Place a cane or walker next to your bed if it will help you get to the toilet safer.
  • If the way to the bathroom is too long, look for ways to shorten it.
  • Consider having a bedside urinal, bedside commode, or wearing a depends to prevent accidents or feeling rushed at night.

Other Resources:

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